Natural Stone Cladding

Pre mason for time and cost saving, Madikwe Stone Company offers dimension stone for all commercial and residential applications.

Slate Cladding

Slate is a durable, bold and unique natural stone product. Slate is non-porous so the maintenance is fairly simple, it is a hardwearing and bold natural stone which will leave a lifelong lasting impression. This versatile earthy stone has been used for ages as natural floor tiles, natural wall cladding, roof tiles, building bricks, school boards, slate tables, billiard tables and also adorns the top restaurants as crockery.
Madikwe Stone Company sourced the richest deposits of slate in Southern Africa.
We have slate cladding, slate floor tiles, slate rivens and slate roof tiles for wall and floor applications available in all major colours and textures.
Madikwe, Multi Colour, Rich Autumn, Rosa Stone, Timbavati, Silver Blue, African Black & Oyster.

Quartzite Cladding

Quartzite is a stone formed when sandstone is subjected to enormous heat and pressure. As such, quartzite tiles, like sandstone, have a rough, grainy surface.
Quartzite's hard wearing properties mean it has a high resistance to shock and abrasion.
A beautiful product that withstands the test of time.
Quartzite with it's hard and unique hues of whites, greens and gem like opulence are well suited for your commercial
and residential architectural feature walls and columns.
Madikwe Stone Company offers quartzite in strip wall cladding and riven cladding.

Sandstone Cladding

Sandstone with its rich texture and golden hue with distinctive veining is well suited for your internal and external architectural focal walls and columns.
Madikwe Stone Company offers sandstone cladding and sandstone riven cladding in a range from rustic old world charm to sophisticated modern new designs.

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Natural Stone Disclaimer

Please be advised that natural stone is formed within the earth, and that different types of stone, as well as individual stones within any given type, may vary in texture, colour, thickness, density, durability or fitness for a particular use or purpose.